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y ones who criti●cise the actions of the authorities.They were▓, therefore, a dangerous leaven i●n the community, otherwise s●lipping off

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to sleep in a body.Therefore, it wa●s a matter of self-preservation for the autocra●cy to isolate the Jews and make ▓them harmless.Do not s

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uppose th▓at any anti-Semitic feeling is preval●ent among us.The autocrats ▓are trying artfully to implant ●it by means of such people as

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nks to the same circumstanc●e which makes the progress of civiliza▓tion difficult; the peasant ca▓nnot read, and does not in the least bel▓ieve the priest.The massacr

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es of Kishinef were ▓directly commanded.Every man w▓as killed by order of the Cza●r.No anti-Semitism exists a●mong the people.Whatever anti-Semitism there ●is is sow


n by the government for t●he purpose of isolating the p●easants in order that 'the u▓rchins may grow up stupid.' [Pg 193] ▓ Ought not the Jews to take that in▓t

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3 Nov, 2014

the first place, I see no▓ reason why the Jews should become accomplices ●of this formidable and soul-killing régime o●f ours.They will be oppressed all t●he same,

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3 Nov, 2014

whether meek or unruly.They will▓ remain under special legislat●ion, simply because no one can stop the flow▓ of the official's unfailing ▓spring of revenue—the rava

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3 Nov, 2014

ging of the ●Jews.Moreover, the Jews hav●e never received so much symp▓athy from us as since they began to place them●selves on the defensive and to make common● cau


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